2.1.1 Recognition of Student Clubs

Responsible Position

Chief Financial Officer


Minnesota State Board Policy


Student clubs are integral to the student experience at Alexandria Technical and Community College. A student club is considered any group of students that meets regularly to discuss or perform activities of a shared interest. Clubs are student-formed and student-led.

All student clubs seeking recognition must:

  • Have a minimum of 6 current ATCC student members.
  • Create a governing document. (Template provided by the Student Life Office)
  • Identify an ATCC faculty or staff advisor
  • Must have a governance structure that includes, at a minimum, a Club President who will serve as the Student Contact for the club and a Student Senate Representative.
  • Conduct activities that enhance the student experience.
  • Ensure compliance with ATCC’s non-discrimination/EEO policy.
Recognition process

Complete the following and submit to Director of Student Activities:

  • Student Club Charter form which includes the following:
    • Club name
    • Membership list (6 or more current student members required)
    • Advisor name and contact information
    • Student contact information
    • Proposed meeting dates/times
    • Purpose of club and how it will enhance the student experience
      • Proposed activities
    • Membership criteria (if applicable)
    • Membership dues (if applicable)
      • Description of what membership dues pay for and/or how they are used.
    • Compliance with ATCC Policy 1B.1 Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination in Employment and Educational Opportunity
  • Governing Document

Once all information is submitted, Student Senate will review the request for a new club and invite the Student Contact of the proposed club to attend a Student Senate meeting. Student Senate will then make a recommendation to the ATCC President. ATCC President will decide if the proposed club can be recognized. Decisions are typically determined within 30 days and the Club President or Student Contact and Club Advisor will be notified in writing.

If the club is denied recognition, they can appeal in writing to the ATCC President. Each club that is denied can only appeal once per academic year.

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Approved by: Leadership Council

Effective Date: 7/20/2022

Next Review Date: July 2025

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