Safety & Security


Alexandria Technical & Community College is dedicated to promoting the safety, security and health of all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Our college is committed to providing a safe and protected environment in alignment with our college value statements and conducive to student success.

The success of this mission depends on an interactive partnership between the Department of Safety and Security and the students, faculty, administration, staff and visitors that comprise our diverse community, which is built on mutual respect and responsibility.

The foundation of this partnership is the realization that all students, faculty, administration and staff must also accept their individual and collective responsibilities to make Alexandria Technical & Community College a college that fosters and promotes a safe, respectful and caring environment.

Safety & Security Objectives

  • Serve as a responsive, compassionate and innovative safety, security and health service provider; sensitive to the needs of the college community.
  • Strive to ensure the protection, safety and health of students, faculty, administration, staff and visitors while on campus.
  • Promote the protection of personal and college property located within the jurisdictional boundaries of the college.
  • Provide departmental personnel with the resources, knowledge and equipment necessary to perform their functions safely and efficiently.

Contact Safety & Security

Main Campus Building
Room 108
1601 Jefferson Street
Alexandria, MN 56308

Tam Bukowski
Safety Coordinator
Email Tam Bukowski