2.1.2 Student Club Advisor Responsibilities

Responsible Position

Chief Financial Officer


Minnesota State Board Policy


Alexandria Technical and Community College supports meaningful activities for students through clubs.

Club advisors will:

  1. Submit an annual plan for their student club to the Academic Affairs Office no later than October 15 that includes:
    1. A clearly stated mission statement,
    2. Club’s meeting date/s and time/s
    3. Goals and specific performance objectives for the year
      • Goals and objectives could include leadership development activities, vocational awareness activities, social service/civic consciousness duties, and student life activities.
    4. An annual budget proposal
    5. Fall semester stipend payment is processed at the end of the semester. Report must be received for stipend to be released.
  2. Establish a set of student officers with a minimum of President or student contract. Other positions may include, but are not limited to: Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Communications Officer. Responsibilities for each officer position are to be defined in the club’s governing document.
  3. Coordinate with Student Senate and other primary student organizations for the sharing of resources and activities.
  4. Ensure full compliance to all college policies and procedures.
  5. Ensure full compliance to student conduct policies during student club meetings and events.
  6. Oversee the club’s budget to ensure proper authorization and documentation as well as not exceeding funds available. All expenditures must be co-signed by the designated student officer for managing the club's funds. Expenditures during the summer months will be signed once the students return.
  7. Submit a written summary report of the goals and activities accomplished by students and advisors due to the Academic Affairs office by May 31 of each year. Spring stipend payment is processed after report is submitted.

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Approved by: Leadership Council

Effective Date: 7/20/2022

Next Review Date: July 2025

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