3.36.3 Graduation Requirements

Responsible Position

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs


In order to be eligible for graduation, a student at Alexandria Technical and Community College must meet the following graduation requirements.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete the requirements listed on the Degree Audit (DARS) report for a specific program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (C average).
  2. Complete all the college and program-specific requirements; including general learning outcomes.
    • All program-specific graduation requirements must be approved by program faculty and the advisory committee. No course requires external certification exams as part of the course or graduation requirements unless approved by the program faculty and advisory committee.
  3. Fulfill all financial and legal obligations to the college.
  4. Complete the graduation application.
  5. Students would have the right to appeal through the Academic Affairs Appeal Process.

Graduation Procedure

  1. Students are to complete Part I of the Graduation Application, attach a DARS report, obtain advisor signature and submit to the Registrar's Office.
    • Registrar Review: Priority deadline for the Registrar 's Office to review to determine if requirements are met is at mid-semester of the term prior to graduation.
    • Graduation Program: Deadline for submitting information to be listed on the graduation program is April 1.
  2. Advisor should review DARS report to verify progress and sign Part II if student has completed all courses satisfactorily to date and, if upon satisfactory completion of courses for which student is currently registered, he/she will be eligible for graduation. 'AU ', 'F ', 'FN ', 'FW ', 'NC ' or 'U ' grades will not satisfy requirements. In some programs, a grade of 'D ' will not satisfy program requirements.
    If a student will not be graduating at this time, please return the form to the Registrar 's Office with an explanation.
  3. The Registrar, or designee, will make a preliminary review and notify the student and advisor of missing requirements for those requests submitted by the priority deadline. Final approval will not be determined until final grades are submitted and posted to the student 's record.
  4. In order for awards to be mailed, there must be no holds on the students ' accounts, such as Business Office, laptop, loan exit counseling (may be completed at https://studentaid.gov/ ). If a hold exists, awards will not be mailed until the Registrar 's Office has been notified that the obligation has been satisfied.

It is the student's responsibility to keep the college informed of address changes so that awards are mailed to the correct address.

Returning Student Program Completion

Students who did not complete the requirements for graduation at the time of their initial enrollment and wish to re-enroll and graduate must meet all current college requirements, including:

The program the student wishes to graduate from must still be listed as active on the Minnesota State inventory.

A student’s DARS catalog may be back-dated to the most recent acceptance/attendance term within four (4) years, allowing the student to graduate under the requirements in place when they were previously enrolled. The following requirements must be met:

  • the student must apply for readmission to the program;
  • faculty/academic affairs retain the right to make course substitutions if the curriculum has been revised;
  • the student must meet all program requirements; and
  • all technical courses must be validated by the program faculty for current recency.

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Effective Date: 4/6/2021

Next Review Date: April 2024

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