3.11 Student Attendance

Responsible Position

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs


Minnesota State Board Policy

Minnesota State System Procedure

Minnesota Statute Chapter 14


Students taking Alexandria Technical and Community College classes are expected to attend all scheduled classes unless a leave of absence has been approved. Faculty are responsible for maintaining accurate student attendance records. In case of absence, the student is responsible for completion of class work. Willful absence from class(es) is unacceptable and the student may be subject to Student Code of Conduct procedures. If at any time during a semester a student stops attending consecutively for more than 15% of a class and does not officially withdraw, the student will be subject to an unofficial withdrawal. The faculty member will enter a grade of "FW", as well as the last date of attendance.

Leave of Absence

If the student anticipates an absence from their classes, the student should see ATCC Procedures 3.11.1 Student Leave for College-Related Activities and 3.11.2 Extended Student Leave of Absence for approved leave and next steps.

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Approved by: Leadership Council

Effective Date: 2/3/2021

Next Review Date: February 2024

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