3.11.2 Extended Student Leave of Absence

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Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs


If a student anticipates a prolonged absence from a program, he or she may benefit from a leave of absence.

Under Federal Title IV, Section 668, relating to federal financial aid, students who have a legitimate reason for an extended absence may request a leave of absence (a temporary interruption in a student's program of study). The Leave of Absence procedure basically freezes potential attendance issues and financial aid payback provisions for the duration of the leave. Some examples of legitimate reasons for which ATCC has granted leave are:

  • Inability to be in attendance during any initial drop/add period of a semester.
  • Pregnancy with childbirth imminent.
  • Doctor-documented illness or health restrictions for a period of time.
  • Documented family emergency.
  • Other documented emergencies that may interfere with attendance.

A student must apply in advance for a leave of absence unless unforeseen circumstances prevent the student from doing so.

For a leave of absence to be granted, it has to meet all of the following conditions:

  • The request must be made in writing by the student stating both starting and ending dates, the reason for the leave of absence, and a plan for completion of coursework.
  • There must be a reasonable expectation that the student will return from the leave of absence.
  • The leave must be approved by:
    • The student's advisor;
    • Each course instructor; and
    • The Dean of Educational Services, who will explain the consequences of failing to return or withdrawal from courses or from the college.
  • Initial leave cannot exceed forty (40) calendar days and will apply only to the current semester.
    • In no case shall a leave of absence exceed 180 calendar days within a 12-month period.

Coursework must be completed in accordance with the terms of the leave request.

The student will not be required to pay any additional charges to the college for the leave period, nor is the student eligible for any additional federal student aid until the student has completed the coursework in which the student was enrolled when the leave of absence was granted.

The student will not be required to repeat any completed class time and coursework.

Courses not approved for a leave of absence will result in the student being withdrawn from the course. If a student is granted a leave of absence but does not return to class or complete required coursework (and does not receive an extended leave) at the end of the leave, the student's withdrawal date will be the first date of the leave. Return of federal funds will then apply as of the first day of the leave. A leave of absence form is attached.

After the leave of absence period ends, whether successfully completed or not, the advisor must notify the Dean of Educational Services in order to complete the process.

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Approved by: Leadership Council

Effective Date: 2/3/2021

Next Review Date: February 2024