If criminal activity is captured on security cameras, the information may be provided to law enforcement.


Disclosure of Recordings

Recorded images will be stored in a secure location with access by authorized personnel only. A log must be created by the designee and maintained by authorized designee(s) of all instances of access to or use of surveillance records.  The log must include the date and identification of the person or persons to whom access was granted.

The designee is responsible for securely retaining any surveillance data.  Any copy of a recording required for evidentiary purposes, campus personnel shall consult with the Minnesota State Office of General Counsel or the Attorney General’s Office on protocols that may be required for authentication or other purposes and shall use a permanent storage device such as a CD, DVD, or USB drive and physically label the device with the date, time, and location of the recorded incident. Any surveillance data retrieved by ATCC remains the sole property of ATCC and may not be used for personal reasons.


Retention of Recordings

Security camera data are stored in a secure location with access by authorized personnel only. Security camera data are maintained with appropriate security in accordance with ATCC Policy 6.14 and will be destroyed in a secure manner according to the ATCC records retention schedule unless retained for legal matters such as an ATCC proceeding, a criminal investigation, a court proceeding (criminal or civil), or other use as approved by the designee or designee(s).


Camera Placement Concerns

If concern over camera placement should arise, concerned persons may submit an email petition to the designee for the removal or relocation of an existing camera. The designee will review petitions regarding camera location(s) and determine whether the policy is being followed.  The designee will determine the appropriateness of an installation by weighing the concerns of the person(s) making the request and the safety and security of the entire campus community.  The designee will weigh whether the potential increment in campus community security outweighs any likely infringement of individual privacy.



Individuals who are believed to have tampered with or destroyed security camera equipment or recordings, or individuals who has accessed security camera records without authorization, may be subject to discipline under the applicable personnel or student conduct process and criminal prosecution, as appropriate.


Requesting Security Camera Footage

Return the completed Security Camera Footage Request Form to request access to ATCC security camera footage.

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Approved by: Leadership Council

Effective Date: 7/29/2021

Next Review Date: July 2024