2.6.1 Annual Assessment of Athletics

Responsible Position

Athletic Coordinator


Minnesota State Board Policy


The Athletics Program at Alexandria Technical and Community College is consistent within the mission of the college by creating opportunities for individuals through education, innovation, and leadership. The overall purpose of the athletics program is to provide opportunities for personal development while engaging in competitive individual and team sports.

Intercollegiate athletics seeks to serve the well-being of student participants and benefit the broader college community.

  • On an annual basis, the following data will be gathered and presented to the Leadership Council:
  • Grade point averages of athletes compared to the averages of the general student body
  • Retention and graduation rates of athletes compared to the rates of the general student body
  • Enrollment statistics per varsity sport
  • Expense/Revenue analysis/statistics
  • Performance statistics per varsity sport, such as year-to-year team winning percentage
  • Graduate employment follow-up survey results compared to the results of the general student body
  • Student athlete specific survey results
  • Spectator attendance statistics per varsity sport

On an annual basis, the Athletic Director will deliver assessment information to the college community and subsequently hold an open forum to discuss information and collect input on future direction.

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Approved by: Leadership Council

Effective Date: 7/29/2021

Next Review Date: July 2024