Alexandria Technical and Community College (ATCC) will provide transportation to field trips and other college-related events when proper procedures have been followed.

ATCC will arrange transportation for programs that desire it for field trips, athletic events, and for organized clubs within the college.

It is required that faculty advisors going on a field trip complete and submit a Field Trip Request Form to their Dean.

Program budgets will set the parameters of transportation usage. Each program will be charged for each trip. The mileage cost may vary from year to year.

It is mandatory that all groups using the transportation have faculty or administrative personnel on board. Scheduling of bus use shall be done through the Customized Training Office. 

Students who need an accommodation for a disability to engage them to fully participate in an off-site program activity should contact the Director of Support Services at Alexandria Technical and Community College.

Employees on a field trip shall conduct themselves in compliance with the Employee Code of Conduct. All students on the field trip must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.