The following restrictions apply to any student, under any circumstance, driving college vehicles (e.g. student workers, field trips, conferences, pickups/deliveries, traveling to class work sites, etc.):

  1. Students may drive college vehicles when traveling with an employee of the ATCC. This means the employee is driving a second college vehicle to the same destination at the same time. Exception: When driving college vehicles to/from job sites or deliveries/pickups in Alexandria.
  2. Any student driving college vehicles must have a valid driver's license.
  3. Before any student will be allowed to drive a college vehicle, the student must complete a "Universal Vehicle Use" form. ATCC will obtain a copy of their motor vehicle report from the appropriate state agency. The motor vehicle report must then be reviewed and approved by a designated college official before the student is authorized to drive a college vehicle.
  4. Students will be deemed eligible or ineligible to drive college vehicles based on  Minnesota State Guideline  Driver’s License Record Check.
  5. Students who are authorized to use a college vehicle must reserve a vehicle through the EMS scheduling program per college procedures.
  6. Approval must be obtained from the college president or designee prior to the actual travel. Without such pre-approval, student drivers are strictly prohibited.
  7. Students must abide by all State and Federal motor vehicle laws.
  8. Students must abide by all ATCC policies and procedures.

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Approved by: Leadership Council

Effective Date: 3/30/2021

Next Review Date: March 2024

Archive: 4.5.3 Student Drivers in School Vehicles