6.7.2 College Facility Use

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Minnesota State Board Policy

Minnesota State Board Policy


Alexandria Technical and Community College (ATCC) permits the use of its facilities by external organizations to conduct public activities or meetings when the facilities are not used for college purposes. ATCC's facilities support instruction, student activities, and community development through programs offered by public agencies, companies, not-for-profit organizations, and civic groups. All non-college sponsored organizations or individuals will be charged appropriate rental rates and fees according to the Facilities Rental Rates & Fees chart. The ATCC President or designee has the authority to waive or reduce fees. Activities are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and ATCC activities will always have first priority.

An ATCC employee must be on duty whenever building facilities are in use. For those events held after regular working hours and/or on weekends, a personnel service fee shall be charged. Please refer to the Facilities Rental Rates & Fees chart for pricing information. For information regarding the rental of facilities, please call ATCC's Customized Training Department at 320-762-4510.

The college reserves the right not to rent facilities for purposes in direct competition with ATCC. ATCC reserves the right to not charge groups/businesses that are in collaboration/partnership with the college.

Facilities Use Agreement, Insurance Requirement, and Liability

Prior to using the college facilities, every non-college sponsored group/organization and individual must complete a Facility Use Agreement. The Facility Use Agreement, certificate of liability insurance coverage, and 501(c)(3) form (if applicable), or tax-exempt status, must be completed and approved prior to the use of the facility.

The person signing the Facility Use Agreement is responsible for the observance of all policies and procedures, as well as the fees assessed for the event. All groups/organizations/individuals using college facilities must have an authorized person on duty, and must supervise for the entire duration of usage time and/or until all participants have vacated the premises. College personnel will supervise the facility but not the facility user or its activities.

Facility use is dependent upon room and personnel availability. A group/organization/individual renting the facility cannot assign or transfer the right or the responsibility for use of ATCC facilities. Applicant shall not be considered an employee or agent of ATCC.

Users of the college facility shall provide evidence of adequate liability insurance coverage in the form of a certificate of insurance naming the State of Minnesota, by and through the Board of Trustees of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, as an additional insured, prior to using or occupying the facility. Coverage shall be maintained during the term of the use or lease. If insurance coverage needs to be purchased, supplemental coverage that meets Minnesota State's requirements is available.

ATCC shall not be responsible or assume any liability of the using groups, organizations, or individuals related to the utilization of the college facilities. The group/organization/individual agrees to protect, indemnify, and hold harmless the college and college personnel from any and all claim, liabilities, damages, or rights of action, direct or indirectly, growing out of the use of the facilities. The college is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

In event of damage to college's property, the applicant shall pay all appropriate repair costs. Any loss, breakage, or need of repair of facilities or equipment must be reported to a college employee on duty immediately by the authorized person in charge of the scheduled activity.

All accidents occurring while using the college facilities must be reported immediately to the college personnel on duty.

ATCC does not support or endorse any events held on campus except those organized by the college, or for which the college is a dedicated sponsor. Outside groups/organizations/individuals renting space from ATCC may not state or imply college endorsement of their non-college event. Organizations may not use the ATCC logo in any way unless explicitly authorized, and may only list Alexandria College as the location. Example: Organizations may not tag ATCC on social media in promoting their event. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in loss of rental privileges.

Laws, Statutes, and Policies

Those using ATCC facilities must adhere to all applicable laws and statutes, as well as the policies of Minnesota State and ATCC. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The group/organizations/individuals using the college facilities agree to abide by the ATCC policies including, but not limited to, non-discrimination and sexual violence policies.
  • Violation of any of the rules governing the use of ATCC facilities and buildings by any person or organization shall be sufficient grounds for canceling the scheduled use of facilities and/or denying of future application.
  • ATCC is tobacco-free within its buildings. Tobacco use is permitted in parking lots and outside of designated entrances when beyond 25 feet from designated entrances. Electronic cigarettes are banned on all college property. Alcoholic beverages, liquor, and controlled substances are not permitted. See ATCC Policy 5.18 for more information.
  • Minnesota Statute, Section 43A.38, Subdivision 4, use of state property states an employee shall not use or allow the use of state time, supplies, or state-owned or leased property and equipment for the employee's private interests or any other use not in the interest of the state, except as provided by law.
Equipment; Food and Beverage
  • Equipment is available for rent from the college.
  • A group must obtain prior approval to bring in any organizational equipment and must remove all equipment immediately after the event, unless special permission is granted in advance by ATCC. If personal/business computer/equipment is brought to the campus, please contact the ATCC Information Technology Department for compatibility and usability 48 hours prior to the event.
  • Per contract, food and beverage are not allowed to be brought onto campus, unless approved by ATCC’s contracted food service provider.
Scheduling, Postponement, and Cancellation

On days when weather conditions or other events warrant the closing of the college, the decision on cancellation or postponement of scheduled activities and events will be made by the ATCC president or designee.

The group/organization/individual shall notify the college of any cancellations of previously scheduled facilities at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled use. Failure to do so may result in charges for expenses incurred in preparation for use of the facility requested.

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