5.13.1 Campus Computer Software

Responsible Position

Chief Information Officer


Minnesota State Board Policy


The IT Department will install and maintain software on campus owned computers. Arrangements with the IT Department must be made in advance and Minnesota State purchasing guidelines must be followed. Approval of license agreements/terms and conditions may only be accepted by authorized personnel. All software on campus computers is inventoried and must be legally licensed.

Program Specific Software

Knowledge of and instruction in software is the responsibility of the department or instructor.

Requests for software should be submitted to the IT Department prior to June 1, for the next academic year, in order to be installed and maintained by the IT Department.

At the time of acquisition, the following documentation must be submitted to the IT Department:

  • Number of licenses
  • Copy of license agreement
  • Access to software documentation and installation instructions

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Approved by: Leadership Council

Effective Date: 9/23/2021

Next Review Date: September 2024