5.14.4 Vendor Policy

All vendors (which include the sale of merchandise, recruiting, giveaways, sign-up offers, etc.) must obtain prior written approval from the Switchboard Operator/Receptionist or the President and complete the Vendor Agreement form before beginning any form of on-campus contact with students and/or employees.

Vendors must comply with the scheduled time and date and remain only in assigned area(s). Vendors should not block hallways, entrances, etc., so as to restrict the normal flow of traffic.

Vendors should not interfere with the daily activities of students and/or employees. The students and/or employees will decide whether to make contact with any vendor.

Any reported violation of this policy, whether perceived or real, may result in the vendor being asked to leave. The college also reserves the right to prohibit the vendor from returning to the college in the future.

Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 2/12/07
Last Date Revised: 1/22/07