1A.1.1 Policies and Procedures

Responsible Position



Policy/Procedure Review: The responsibility for the review of policies/procedures at Alexandria Technical and Community College (ATCC) lies with the leadership of the organizational unit responsible for that policy or procedure. Each policy/procedure is reviewed every three years at a minimum to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Policy/Procedure Development and Modification: Development or modification of policies/procedures can be brought forth by any ATCC employee or student. If an employee or student believes a new policy/procedure or significant modification of an existing policy/procedure is required, the individual must bring those proposed changes forward to Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (research@alextech.edu). The Director of Research and Institutional Effectiveness submits the changes or new policy/procedure to the position responsible for initial review. The policy/procedure is then forwarded to respective committee(s), if applicable, for feedback (see Policy/Procedure Workflow document). After feedback is received, the Director of Research & Institutional Effectiveness forwards the policy/procedure to the President’s Leadership Council (LC) and the Faculty Shared Governance Council (FSGC) agenda for final review, support, and recommendation. 

Policy/Procedure approval: The LC reviews new proposed policies/procedures and those with significant modification as they are submitted. Consensus at LC is required for policy/procedure to move forward to the FSGC agenda. The ATCC President has final approval authority over all policies/procedures reflected in the monthly FSGC decision letter. 

Policy/Procedure Access and Maintenance: Once a policy/procedure is approved, the Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness ensures consistency and accuracy and oversees publication and dissemination. Current policies/procedures are published on ATCC's website by the Marketing and Communications Department. This ensures access and transparency. Official copies of current and archived policies/procedures are maintained by the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness and are available upon request. 

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Effective Date: 3/20/2024

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