3.32.2 Faculty Leave

Responsible Position

Human Resources Officer


In the event faculty must be out due to illness or emergency, the following procedure should be followed to make sure students are taken care of and that the college is aware of the situation.

  1. Faculty should check with other faculty in their division ASAP to see if classes can be covered internally. Some programs are staffed in a way that this is possible.
  2. Keep a list of substitute names and phone numbers at home so they can reach someone the night before if necessary if their classes cannot be covered internally.
  3. Contact the Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant and Dean ASAP to report your absence. (If after hours leave a voicemail message on their phone). They will need to know if the class instruction will be covered internally - if you have found another sub, or if you were unable to find a sub. If it is determined there is no other alternative but to cancel a class, they will post signs to that effect. They will only attempt to line up a sub for you if it is an emergency situation. The canceled classes will be posted on the website so students can check from home if they are concerned about a canceled class.
  4. If faculty are using D2L Brightspace for any classes to be held the day of their absence, they should leave a message for their students regarding assignments, new deadlines, when they might expect them back if known, etc.
  5. Update their phone voicemail message to announce that they are out of the office and whether or not classes will be held as scheduled with an alternate instructor. (They can do this from home. Students can check their phone voicemail message before leaving home.)
  6. Upon their return, faculty must complete an absence request online in Employee Home.

Weather Related Absence: In the event of bad weather whereby faculty cannot make it in, the above procedure should be followed. Faculty will be required to use a personal leave day or have a pay deduct if they determine they cannot make it to work because of weather unless the college is officially closed.

Prearranged College-Related Activities: Canceled classes should not be the norm for pre-arranged college related activities that take faculty off campus (e.g. field trips, etc.). Arrangements for class coverage should be in place when they submit a request to attend the activity off-campus.

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Approved by: Leadership Council

Effective Date: 5/5/2021

Next Review Date: May 2024

Archive: 4.3.3 Faculty Leave Policy