1B.5.1 Emergency Communication, Evacuation and Safety of a Disabled Person

Responsible Position

Human Resources Officer/Title IX Coordinator


In case of an emergency, all employees with disabilities will receive notification, if at work, by the supervisor or designated backup staff. The supervisor, or designee, will be responsible for coordination of evacuation processes for these individuals.

In the event of the closing of the College because of a weather emergency, the department/unit in which an employee with a hearing impairment shall designate a person responsible to notify the hearing-impaired employee or a person named by the employee, of the college's closing. Arrangements can be made by the supervisor, or designee, to contact the employee using the TTY as well.

Alexandria Technical & Community College asks everyone's help if or when a building needs to be evacuated. Students, faculty, and/or staff who anticipate they could have a problem knowing when or how they should evacuate a building, should alert the Safety Coordinator of their needs.

In the case of a fire or building evacuation, the Alexandria Fire Department will be responsible for evacuating people within the buildings. Additionally, at the beginning of each semester, faculty are asked to report to the Safety Coordinator the names of any students having a disability that prohibits them from moving down stairwells. The Safety Coordinator will provide such student with an evacuation plan specific to their needs. The Safety Coordinator will be responsible for coordination of this specific plan with the Alexandria Fire and Police Departments.

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Approved by: Leadership Council

Effective Date: 9/16/2020

Next Review Date: September 2026

Archive: 1.2.4 Emergency Communication, Evacuation and Safety of a Disabled Person