5.14.5 Customer Work Procedures

  1. Customer brings in vehicle/equipment/project to be worked on in shop area.
  2. Shop instructor will perform a brief inspection of the item to determine if:
    • the project fits the training needs
    • the estimated cost of the work/repairs
    • the estimated time frame for completion
  3. After the above items are assessed, the instructor will give a written estimate to the customer for approval. Customer is informed there is NO WARRANTY expressed or implied.
  4. Upon approval by customer, work order will be prepared with written estimate attached.
  5. If the estimate exceeds $200, a 25% deposit from the customer will be required before any work begins. The shop instructor will forward a copy of the estimate exceeding $200 to the Business Office where the deposit must be paid.
  6. The instructor will assign the project to a student or group of students, as appropriate.
  7. Work will begin and will be monitored/supervised by the instructor. Any variance from estimate over $200 will be communicated to the customer.
  8. Customer will be contacted when work is complete.
  9. A copy of the completed work order will be sent to the ATCC Business Office. An invoice will be created from the completed work order. The customer will be informed to go to the Business Office to pay the invoice.
  10. Customer will be issued a written receipt, or copy of the paid invoice. This written receipt must be shown to the shop instructor before the vehicle/equipment/project is released.


  • Any work done for faculty/students must have work order completed by another shop instructor.
  • All money will be processed through the ATCC Business Office. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should instructors or students collect money from customers for work orders.
  • Work estimates/work orders will be priced out at actual cost plus a 10% markup on parts. Shop fees will be determined by individual area as appropriate. These fees will be posted in the shop areas. These guidelines are per Minnesota State policy.
  • ATCC will not accept insurance payments for services rendered.
  • All of these procedures apply to the general public, ATCC students, and ATCC employees.
Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 3/11/03
Last Date Revised: 3/16/06