4.1.1 Staff Professional Development - Continuing Education

Responsible Position

Human Resources Officer


The procedure specifically addresses the professional development of ATCC support staff (classified and unclassified) regarding classes taken at Alexandria Technical and Community College or other Minnesota State colleges.


Professional Development is defined in this procedure as being continuing education for credit or clock hours.


This procedure applies to all support staff (classified and unclassified) employed on a full-time or part-time unlimited or seasonal basis at the Alexandria Technical and Community College who have completed three (3) consecutive years of service at a technical and community college or the Minnesota State system office.

Tuition Waiver

Per AFSCME, MAPE and MMA contracts and the Commissioner's Plan, all technical and community college employees with three (3) years seniority shall be eligible for a tuition waiver for courses within the Minnesota State system. Please see the respective contract for the number of credits allowed and language for the payment of special course and lab fees. Unless specifically specified in the contract, all course fees must be paid for out of pocket by the employee. The enrollment in courses is contingent upon space availability. A link to the Tuition Waiver Request Form is available under employee applications on the Minnesota State Dashboard (Employee Home).

Guidelines Specific to Taking Courses at Alexandria Technical & Community College

The Appointing Authority (President) at this college has the right to approve the payment for tuition to complete credit courses at this college (dependents are not included).

(Note: Permanent, general fund employees working 50% or greater receive the full professional development allocation of $100 per fiscal year. The expectation is that all self-supporting or grant-funded positions use their own operational funds to pay for professional development.)

At the completion of the course (end of semester), a brief report should be submitted to the supervisor as to what was learned and how it will benefit them in their job.

The employee will be liable for reimbursement of expenses paid for unsatisfactory completion of courses.

Procedure for Classes Taken at a Minnesota State College
  1. After the Professional Development Approval Form for Support Staff has been completed and signatures obtained, register for the course.
  2. If eligible, complete the Tuition Waiver. Login to the Minnesota State Dashboard (Employee Home), Employee Applications, Tuition Waiver.
  3. Obtain the books necessary for the class. (Respective professional development funds may be used to pay book costs up to the level allotted each year by submitting them on a Business Expense form located in MyATCC. Login with StarID, go to Employee Forms, Employee Documents, Expense Reimbursement, Employee Business Expense Report.)
  4. At the completion of the course, the employee should submit a copy of the transcript to the Human Resources Office to be placed in their respective personnel file. Also, a brief report should be submitted to the immediate supervisor describing what was learned and how it will benefit them in their job.

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Approved by: Leadership Council

Effective Date: 4/5/2021

Next Review Date: April 2024

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