3.17.18 Consortium Courses

Note: any course that a student registers for using the options listed below must be applicable to their ATCC degree to meet academic and financial aid requirements.

Courses taken through official partnerships with other Minnesota State colleges or degree-applicable courses the student registers for using the advanced search option in eServices will be treated the same as local courses in the administration of academic and financial aid policies, i.e. the courses will count both in cumulative grade point average and percentage completion rates for determining academic status (probation, suspension, president's list, graduating with honors, etc.).

Courses taken through official partnerships will also be counted toward meeting the residency credit requirement at Alexandria Technical & Community College. See 3.19.1 Total Number of Credits that May be Transferred into a Major Program.

The course repeat process is not applicable to courses taken though these options.

Approved by: Leadership Council
Effective Date: 12/13/10
Last Date Revised: 12/02/10