5.15 College-owned Cell Phone Policy

Policy Statement

Computer and Technology Resources, including cell phones, are provided for the direct and indirect support of Minnesota State and Alexandria Technical & Community College'’'s educational research, service, student and campus life activities, administrative and business purposes. Users of college-owned cell phones are responsible for adherence to the Minnesota State Policy 5.22 (http://www.minnstate.edu/board/procedure/522p2.html) and Procedure 5.22.2 (http://www.minnstate.edu/board/procedure/522p1.html), which is in compliance with Minnesota Statute 43A.38 (https://www.revisor.leg.state.mn.us/statutes/?id=43A.38).

Users of college-owned cell phones are to use cell phones to provide support for college operations and activities in the manner and to the extent authorized. Procedure 5.15.1 outlines the levels of authorization for users of college owned cell phones.

5.15.1 Procedure

Alexandria Technical & Community College (ATCC) will provide cell phones as tools that will support college operational efficiency, security and the protection of state assets or other purposes as authorized appropriate by the college President or designee. The phone use is to be authorized and communicated to users through the use of the college-owned cell phone agreement.

Purchase of Cell Phones

Alexandria Technical & Community College will identify one vendor for college-owned cell phone use as determined by the Dean of Technology. Plans for individual college-owned phones will reflect the nature of the purpose for use and best value for the college. Plans will include monthly (minutes available) plans, flat rate per minute, or other comprehensive purchase plan as determined by the college and the vendor.

Personal Use of Phones

For those individuals on a monthly payment plan at the college, personal use of the college-owned cell phone is to be limited to the guidelines as addressed in Minnesota State procedure 5.22.2, Part 5, Subpart A, as approved by Minnesota Statute 43A.38. Use of college-owned cell phones for e-mail communication, web access, texting and other communication falls under the policy guidelines of information technology, Minnesota State procedure 5.22.1. Authorized individuals will be granted access to use of college-owned cell phones as defined in the Minnesota State procedure.

There is to be no unauthorized personal use of college-owned cell phones. Authorized personal use of college-owned cell phones must comply with Minnesota State procedure 5.22.2, Part 6. Cellular Devices.

Additional Considerations for College-owned Cell Phones

  • The employee is responsible for the security of the college-owned cell phone. If this cell phone is lost or stolen, the employee must immediately contact the Dean of Technology or the Director of Financial Operations to have the phone inactivated.
  • Employees must review and initial the college-owned cellular device invoice monthly and identify any use not permitted under this procedure before submitting the invoice to their supervisor and then forwarding it to the Director of Financial Any discrepancies must be reported to the service provider.
  • ATCC employees are discouraged from using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle in the conduct of college business, except to call 911 in emergency situations.
  • The college will review all current college-owned cell phone plans on an annual basis to determine if the need still exists for employee usage and if the calling plan meets the employee needs. If the employee needs to change their plan or needs a new phone, they must contact their supervisor and/or the Dean of Technology.
  • Improper use of college-owned cell phones will result in disciplinary action in accordance with applicable laws, rules, procedures, and labor contracts.

Cell Phone Reimbursement by the College

When appropriate and approved by the college president or designee, employees will be reimbursed for business calls and approved connectivity to college IT-based systems on their personal cell phone based on specific circumstances and according to Minnesota State procedure 5.22.2, Part 6, Subpart c. Payment options for cellular devices and plans. These circumstances will be documented and filed for each situation. An expense reimbursement form with the amount of the charges to be reimbursed and verification of the charges must be completed by the employee.

Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 8/16/10
Last Date Revised: 5/28/10