6.1 Building and Service Hours

Responsible Position

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs 



Alexandria Technical and Community College operations are set to match credit and non-credit academic schedules. When determining hours, Academic and Student Affairs will balance the demand for courses, student services, and campus amenities with the cost of having the building open.

  • To serve the convenience of learners and provide access to partners in the community.
  • To make college resources available to students (e.g., library, fitness rooms, gym, etc.)
  • To provide consistency between departments and educational partners in serving and recruiting students.
  • To consider the institution’s programmatic and financial sustainability in support of expanded hours.
  • Building Hours:
    • Building hours are the hours during which the building is accessible to students, faculty, staff, and the public. Facilities and security employees are available during this time.
  • Service Hours:
    • Service hours are the hours during which college services and amenities are available to students, faculty, staff, and the public. Service hours are hours within the building hours.
College Offices/Departments

ATCC offices/departments serve students, the public, and employees. Service hours vary depending on demand. Hours for offices serving students will be based on the academic schedule and the historic need for services during breaks. Offices will have a set schedule and must be staffed appropriately. Supervisors must ensure that offices remain open according to the schedule. Information Technology will have staff available to support service hours. An administrator or supervisor will be on duty when offices are open.

  1. Standard and extended service hours will be determined one month prior to the start of the new fiscal year.
  2. During summer sessions, building hours may be shortened depending on scheduled usage of building(s). Departments may, with Administrator support, modify service hours during summer hours. 
  3. Continuing Education and Customized Training will set their schedule based on their customers. However, they are expected to hold courses and schedule facility rentals during building hours. If they want to hold a course outside of these hours, they would need to make arrangements with the Facilities department and would be expected to pay overtime incurred for the additional hours.
  4. Offices/departments must ensure that they are minimally staffed for posted service hours. Administrators have discretion in assigning staff and the use of overtime.
  5. Exceptions due to holidays or employee events will be communicated in advance by the college administration. 

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Approved by: College President 

Effective Date: 3/30/2024

Next Review Date: March 2027