Book Voucher Guide

  • Book vouchers are available to all registered ATCC students for classes at ATCC by ATCC instructors.
  • Book vouchers are charged directly to students' ATCC account.
  • Students who use a book voucher authorize ATCC to use any financial aid (grant, loans, scholarships, etc.) that they may receive to pay for book charges.
  • Students who do not receive financial aid or who do not have sufficient financial aid to cover their book voucher, are responsible to settle the outstanding balance each semester at the ATCC Business Office.
  • Student account, including balances, can be viewed in eServices.
  • Book vouchers are available two weeks prior to the first day of the semester.
  • Book vouchers become unavailable the 6th day after the start of the semester.
  • When the voucher period is closed, students should be prepared to purchase textbooks by another payment method.
  • Book vouchers can be used in person at the ATCC Bookstore.
  • Book vouchers can also be used online. Information needed to place an online order:
    • Your class number and section
    • Your official schedule
    • Can use a picture of schedule with highlighted info

The information you receive will be

  • Title, ISBN, edition, publisher, and price
  • If don't add to cart, you can continue to check prices for each class
  • When you add to the cart, you will be prompted to complete the transaction


  • When ordering online, the customer is ALWAYS the student. All the information is directly tied to the student identity.
  • The billing information can have the name of the person on a credit card, if different than the student.