Practical Classes – Proven Results

Coursework is designed to increase your skills in a real world context.

Student Experience

Classes occur weekly in 3-hour blocks, allowing for directed instruction and dedicated time to work. Interaction with instructors and fellow classmates, along with critiques, all move you forward as you develop your passion for design.


first year

  • design fundamentals I
  • life drawing I
  • ui/ux design I
  • design technology I
  • communication design I
  • elective
  • illustration techniques II
  • communication design II
  • ui/ux design II
  • design technology II
  • design fundamentals II
  • elective

second year

  • design technology III
  • communication design III
  • illustration techniques II
  • ui/ux design III
  • portfolio I
  • elective
  • communication design IV
  • design technology IV
  • illustration techniques III
  • ui/ux design IV
  • portfolio II
  • elective

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